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I always knew I wanted to be a counselor, even as a young teenager. It started with my volunteer work at the local state psychiatric hospital, where I saw how important human connection is, to everyone. Like many therapists, I had a natural affinity for helping others, listening to struggles shared, and offering non-judgmental support. After obtaining my Master's Degree in Clinical Counseling, I worked in a variety of settings, including crisis residential, community outpatient, and private practice. I learned how much people need mental health services, no matter their culture, socioeconomic status, or lifestyle. While I continued to always remain clinically active, I also pursued my PhD in Counseling and Human Development Services to continue contributing to the counseling field through teaching and supervision and guiding the next generation to become ethical and competent counselors. Since 2009, I have taught in a variety of counseling training programs at the Master's and Doctoral level. 

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